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Product ID: DIYPA0002
Description: Acoustic Guitar Cribbage Board Cnc Pattern. This ready to cut diy cnc project is designed to work with imperial (inch) and metric (mm) router bits and material sizes. Includes a cnc user guide. A fun project you can make and play. Made in USA by Randall Kosloski. All Rights Reserved 2014.
Price: 5.99

Acoustic Guitar Cribbage Board- cnc pattern
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Note: Our cnc patterns will be emailed to you after we receive your payment. Thank You.
Designed and Created by Randall Kosloski. Made in Minnesota, U.S.A. All Rights Reserved 2014.

Our acoustic guitar cribbage board is easy to make and even more fun to play. Cribbage is played by many people and a unique board is always something to add to the collection. This pattern features a classic acoustic guitar that has a decorative design pattern made with the peg holes. You start at the bottom of the guitar and race your way up the neck to the finish. You can cut the cribbage board out of different types and colors of woods, plastics, or even metals with a milling machine. This cribbage board comes with "standard" peg hole sizes. You can also scale the peg holes in the pattern to match other sizes of cribbage pegs you may already have. Simple to make, and a lot of fun to play. A fun project for beginer and advanced cnc users.

The inch size pattern is designed to be cut out with a 1/8" diameter router bit or endmill bit. Fits 1/8" cribbage pegs. Cribbage board measures 8 3/8" wide x 20 1/4" tall.

The mm size pattern is designed to be cut out with a 3mm diameter router bit or endmill bit. Fits 3mm cribbage pegs. Cribbage board measures 21cm wide x 52cm tall.

This "ready to cut" project can be used with cnc machines, cnc routers, and cnc milling machines. Our cnc patterns come packaged in a (.zip) file that includes both inch and millimeter (.eps) and (.dxf) vector cutting files. Works with most any cnc cutting programs and cnc software. The vector files are prepared so you can easily create a toolpath and cut the project out. Also includes a simple cnc user guide. If you have questions please contact us. Thank you.

Includes: For imperial and metric (straight cut) router bits and endmill bits.

Imperial: * inch d
xf file - For a 1/8" router bit.
* inch eps file - For a 1/8" router bit.

Metric: * mm d
xf file - For a 3mm router bit.
* mm eps
 file - For a 3mm router bit.

* cnc user guide

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Always read and follow your machines safety manuals before operating cnc tools and cutting tools.
ProjectsandPatterns.com handmade woodcarvings patterns artwork, cnc 3d puzzles, and diy cnc projects are designed and handmade in U.S.A. by artist Randall Kosloski. These diy cnc projects may not be resold or reproduced. All Rights Reserved.

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